Tuesday, January 12, 2010

pain in my heart

pain in my heart

there's a deep pain in my heart
that's really ripping me apart..
it was all cause by you and now im feeling blue..

trying hard for your friends to like me,
trying very hard to let you know that im worthy to be yours
worthy enough to be your man...

i stood up your defense
even if its against with my friends
cause i want you
and i want to be with you..

but you hurt me...
you hurt me so deeply...
causing a deep pain in my heart...

Sunday, October 18, 2009



'IRONIC' just when you decided to end up your life....... then you'll realize to appreciate life has to offer....

the book is very inspiring indeed, it will teach you on how to make worthy of what life has offer!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their Children

First impression to the video! WOW! i just realized I'm laughing myself loud!!

I remember some lines from one of my favorite books "For one more day by Mitch Albom" I like myself because my mother did, and with every fight that I'll be going through i have my backup, my mom! and she had a bottomless well of love for me. This is one of the lines to live by...... surely parents nevertheless have a bottomless well of love for their children, parents love is considered as the unconditional love, because no matter what happens our parents will always be there for us, to give care, advices, protection, comfort, understanding and most especially the so called unconditional love......

There's always this connection between the mother and the child, because the moment the mother conceives her child, the connection starts and no matter what happens this connection is unbreakable, even when the child started to live by his own choices and decide for his-self......

It is just natural to live by our own choices, to stand for it, to live for it and embrace the consequences!!The video is just one example on how parents stalk their children the only difference is, it is modernized or should i say revolutionized, the moment the mother gives birth to her child, the stalking starts and it just takes a different form, and that is one thing we cannot take away from our parents, the way they stalk us or I better say the way they watch us! but i must say every individual needs to have "PRIVACY" because there are certain things that we are not comfortable on discussing to others and even to our parents, and having privacy doesn't mean to break the connection, because having privacy is a way of keeping something for yourself, just yourself.

After watching the video, I realize it was cool, imagine your mom sneaking up on your FACEBOOK account, checking your friends, tagged photos, writing on your wall and checking up on all your post! is it cool? HELL YEAH! but it is one of their ways on stalking us! I mean, watching us! what a brilliant idea! hahahaha! I can't imagine my mom stalking me in this social networking sites and beating my score in 'WAKA-WAKA' poking me on 'SUPER POKE' and please I cant imagine her playing on the weekly tournament on 'TEXAS HOLD EM POKER'! again there are somethings that we are not comfortable on discussing with our parents, there must have BOUNDARIES, and boundaries doesn't mean pushing them away, of course we can't do that, can we? as they say, you can always choose your friends but not your family! and we shouldn't forget that BEHIND OUR STORY IS ALWAYS OUR MOTHER'S STORY, BECAUSE HERS IS WHERE OURS BEGINS.........